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Welcome to our comparison of world lotteries. We have researched the lot - their jackpots (highest, lowest and average), their payout percentage to players in prizes, their ticket sales, taxes payable, terms and conditions and much more.

And the result? You learn which lottery is best by looking at our comparisons of lottos by jackpot size, chances of winning, frequency of any payout, return to player... You will find, for example, which lottery offers the best value on subscription, which has the best jackpot odds or what level you should set for your jackpot alerts, if you're looking to get a positive return on your lotto purchases.

We did all the work so you don't have to! Feel free to browse our comparison tables or to read detailed reviews on each lotto. And if you want to go and play one, we've even given you links to get the best bonuses. Enjoy!






World lotteries by chances of winning any prize

Which lottery offers you the best chances of winning any prize? Our graph here tells the story - the lowest number here is better. So, for example, if you play the Floriad Lotto you will only be winning something at all around once every 68 draws, assuming you play just one ticket per draw, that is. Compare that then with the euromillions lottery where you will be getting something back about one in every 13 tickets.

Frequency of winning any prize by lottery

There are some lotteries though that have good chances of winning any prize but the most common prize that they offer is just the value of your ticket purchase, i.e. you get a free ticket back. The euromillions is a little better here in that you will win about 1.5x your stake for the lowest (most common) prize level. 

World lotteries by chances of winning the jackpot

How easy is it to win the jackpot on a lottery and which lottery is best? Here's where we compare jackpot odds. Worst up is the Italian Superenalotto where your chances of winning are a whopping 622 million to 1! That said, it does also mean that this jackpot isn't hit too often so grows to a very respectable €60m on average ! Again the smallest numbers are better here, i.e. they are 'easier' to hit. Some of the more easier jackpots to win include the Hoosier Lottery or the Irish Lotto where your chances of hitting the big one are around 1 in 10m.

Chances of winning the jackpot by lottery
Odds of winning the jackpot by lotto

Ideally, you would find a lottery that had relatively easy odds of hitting the jackpot with a good sized jackpot too. See the graphs below for jackpot sizes. 

World lotteries by average jackpot size

Average jackpots are a tricky one to calculate as it depends on what 'average' you're talking about. When a jackpot has just been won, the jackpot in the next draw is the lowest - this is often a minimum guaranteed amount. If you're playing a lotto every week on subscription you will be playing with all sizes of jackpots from the minimum through to the maximums. The average then would be of all of these.

Here below, our graph shows another 'average': this is the typical size a jackpot will reach by the time it is hit. It is basically the minimum guaranteed amount plus the amount added each week x the average no. of rollovers til it is hit.Average size of jackpots compared

World lotteries by return to player

Possibly the most important measurement of a lottery is its value to a player. The return to player (RTP) here is what amount of every dollar, euro or pound spent goes back to players in prizes. The other way of looking at it - the difference - is how much of your dollar does the lottery keep for its own purposes (whether profit, taxes or contribution to good causes)?

How much gets paid back to players will vary each week on the size of the jackpot. If you're playing when the jackpot has first been reset to its minimum, then your RTP will be much lower. At the other end of the scale, you may also be lucky enough to get real positive RTP when the jackpot rolls over to a very large amount! More on this in our All Graphs section.

RTP of lotteries when the jackpot is typically hit
Comparison of lottery jackpots by size they are when typically hit

Here, we have calculated the more typical RTP you would face when playing a lottery when it's jackpot was about ready to be won. So, which lottery is best value? The best value lotteries are Superlotto Plus (California) and the Hoosier Lottery. Megamillions used to be great value before the price and payout changes last year.  This table, for example shows that the Californian Superlotto Plus typically pays out around 74c of every $1 spent when the jackpots get to the average size they are when hit. Those which return the least back to players are Hotlotto , Megamillions and the Ozlotto.




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