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Overview of bet365 lotto offering


Bet365 is a giant in the world betting and gaming sector. It was founded in 2000 and is now one of the largest players, especially in Europe. The bet365 lotto product is a bit different to most lotto agents or betting companies - see below. 

Type of company

They are a general betting and gaming company rather than a lottery ticket buying or lottery betting service. The bet365 lotto betting product is different to other companies in that jackpots are not available and payout returns and odds are also different. The company is included here as a recommended lotto betting option, mainly because the odds and returns are in general better than for other lottery operators. 

What lotteries they offer

They offer bets on a limited number of lotteries, 7 in total including: 49's, Irish Lotto, Spanish La Primitiva, New York Lotto, German 6 aus 49, Canadian 649 and the Ozlotto. What they lack in lottery coverage they make up for in bet types: customers can bet on between 1 and 5 numbers appearing in the draw (as opposed to having to choose a full card of 6+ numbers).

Customer Restrictions

Players from the US may not join.

Other products

Bet365 are best known for their range of sports betting both inplay and pre-game or match. They also have a variety of other products including casino, games, poker and bingo.

How it Works

How bet365 lotto betting works

Ticket/bet types

Players choose between 1 and 5 numbers on one of the lotteries they cover. You can choose either 'straight' bets (all numbers chosen must come in) or 'combination'  bets where, similar to a lottery ticket, you get paid out different amounts depending on how many numbers you match. On combination bets you are effectively placing multiple bets, e.g. if you choose 3 numbers and the combination option, you would place 7 bets in total (and you can also vary the stakes on these). You have 3 single bets for each of the numbers you chose, plus 3 double bets for the three combinations of the three numbers that can come in as doubles plus  1 treble bet if all three are drawn.  Sounds a bit complicated but it is in fact quite simple. A straight bet is one where all the numbers you choose have to come in to win anything whilst a combination bet allows you to win on any of your numbers, however many are drawn.



There are a few restrictions on lotto betting at bet365: first, you cannot choose 6 numbers and get the multimillion payouts. You can though bet more than £1, €1 or $1 etc on your chosen numbers - this is similar to buying several tickets. That said, there are restrictions too on how much you can bet per selection. If you choose three numbers, your maximum stake is around £50. If you choose five numbers you can only bet a maximum of £1 or €1. The odds are capped at around 250,000/1 and payouts around £250,000.

Price, Tickets & Bonuses

Ticket prices, bonuses and margins for lottery agents or betting companies

Ticket Prices

Ticket 'prices' are a bit different on the bet365 lotto product as you can bet any amount up to their maximums, which will vary according to how many numbers you choose. Overall, the margins on lotto betting at bet365 are very good. Some sample 'bets' and returns:

Choose 1 number on the Spanish La Primitiva Lottery for £1 (straight bet) and if any of the 6 numbers drawn is your number, win £7 including your £1 stake.
Choose 5 lines on the same lottery (straight bet) for £1 and win £150,001.

Commission, Margin & Value

Margins on lottery betting at bet365 are better for players than at many lotto agents. For example, a typical lotto is usually run at around 50% margin (i.e. only 50% of ticket sales is returned to players as prizes). On lotto bets at bet365 the return to player number is around 75%. Unlike some lotto bets or tickets though, the margin doesn't vary with jackpot sizes as there are no jackpots available on lotto betting here. The nearest you get is the pick five number option where, for a £1 stake, if they are all drawn you would receive a payout of around £150,000 to £250,000, depending on the lottery you are betting on.

Bonuses on Sign up

Bet365 are one of the best gaming companies in terms of the sign up offer they make to new players. They have a deposit bonus offer of deposit £200 and get £200 free (or £20 for £20 etc.). The usual 'play through' your bonus restrictions are a bit simpler than many betting companies - you need to make bets 3x the value of your bonus amount to turn it into cash.  All in all, it's a good offer and you need to include the value of this sign up offer into what are already good payout rates for their lotto products.

Ongoing bonuses and promotions

The lotto products they offer aren't the prettiest nor the most extensive as the company's focus is more on sports betting than on lottos. For this reason too, there aren't many ongoing bonuses for lotto players at bet365.

Product & Site

Lottery product and software features - bet365 lotto

Product features

- Bets on 7 lottos available (up to 5 numbers per bet)

- Winnings settled directly into players accounts.

- No jackpots - max payouts on 5 numbers of around £250k

Software and access methods

They develop and maintain their own software, have offices in several countries and a UK Gambling Commission licence (which is not that easy to obtain). Highly respected company.

Site Design

Site design a bit basic compared to some lotto sites. Not much info or help pages and the betting interface is functional. Very wide range of other betting and gaming products though, if that's your thing.


Trust criteria for lottery agents, betting companies and ticket messenger services - bet365 lotto

Licence and locations

They have licences in both the UK and Gibraltar.

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KYC & Responsible Gaming

Customer Support

Overall Lottorate Trustfactor





2.2/10 (107 reviews)

19m customers, 3,000 employees

Trustpilot not great, otherwise ok






Gambleaware, Gamcare

Livechat, email and phone


Payout confidence level

Bet365 are usually rated number 1 or 2 of all European bookmakers, depending on whose ratings and what measure you are looking at. The have a massive market share of sports betting in particular, not least because they operate on the basis of low margin/high volume and so players and punters generally get very good value. From a trust perspective, they are up there with the traditional bookmakers like William Hill and Ladbrokes and if your money is safe anywhere it will be here. The UK Gaming Commission licence in particular is something that is difficult to obtain and demonstrates a commitment to fairness and to protecting players and their funds.  There aren't any issues with jackpot payouts at bet365 as their maximum payouts are around £250,000 (which is also why you can only choose 5 and not 6 balls on most lotteries). The trustpilot ranking is a bit of an anomaly, though feel free to read some of the customer reviews here. At we believe that, whilst their customer service or communications may on occasions be less than satisfactory, the trust factor for this company should be very high.


Lottery agent payment methods

Payment methods

As they are well established they have a good range of 12 payment methods.


Taxes are not payable on winnings made on bets at, which is great for lotto players. Note that you may be liable to taxes on winnings in the country in which you are resident - best to take advice locally.

Other payment issues

There are no jackpot bets available at bet365 so insurance and hedging etc are not relevant.


Summary of pros and cons of lottery agents and lottorate verdict


Very large and established player in the gaming world with excellent trust factor, not least because of the UK licence. No issues either of whether you will be paid out on jackpots as bet types and their associated maximum stakes are capped in any case. Great sign up bonuses, very wide range of non lotto products and bets. Good payout ratio to players on lotto bets (when compared to buying lotto tickets, for example).


Limited number of lotteries available. Also, restrictions are in place such that you cannot place very long odds or jackpot type bets as you can only choose a maximum of 5 balls and payouts are capped. The lotto pick functionality and information is very limited too compared to some lotto providers.


The Bet365 lotto product isn't a 'normal' lotto product in the traditional sense but bet365 do offer some lotto bet types that are better value than many lottery or lotto companies, i.e. good RTP or return to player. Shame there are no big payouts or jackpots and they only offer bets on a handful of lotteries too. Trustwise, they are up there with the best though so a welcome addition to the lotto world and a different way of playing the lotto. If you're not a jackpot hunter and a mere £250k or so will do, sign up and take the good sign up bonuses!