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Lottorate.com rates lottos, lotteries and lottery agents around the world for the purposes of providing the best information to players, who can then make more informed choices between one or another of these. We do not offer an online lottery ourselves. When we provide links to external websites we are not responsible for their own policies and practices or any transactions you may have with them.


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When we provide links to some external parties, we may have an affiliate arrangement with these companies whereby they pay us a commission on any new business that we generate on their behalf. Our commission arrangements with external websites enable us to fund the research and analysis of the lottery industry. We do not, however, let any commission arrangements influence the rankings that we accord these companies. Those that we rank highly on trust, for example, will be companies we would be happy doing business with. But this is not a guarantee of how trustworthy they may or may not be in practice nor is it an endorsement of the legalities of their own business models or practices.


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