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Overview of lottoland


Lottoland is a relatively new arrival on the lottery scene, founded in 2013 but has rapidly become one of the biggest players in the lotto world. Our lottoland review below covers all aspects of their service.

Type of company

It is a lotto betting company rather than a lottery ticket buying service. As such, players bet with Lottoland on the outcome of lottery results with similar jackpots and prize payouts. Payouts are made from Lottoland (and its insurers) to players.

What lotteries they offer

They offer bets on a wide range of lotteries, 32 in total including: Powerball, Megamillions, Superenalotto, Eurojackpot, El Gordo de la Primitiva, El Gordo de Navidad, El Nino, El Gordo de Verano, Cash4life, German Keno, Brazil Mega Sena, France Loto, Austria Lotto, Poland's Mini Lotto, Swedish Lotto, Irish Lotto and their own lottery draws and games such as Millionaire, Millionaire Go, Lotto Plus, World Millions, Sunday Lotto, Saturday Jackpot, KeNow Keno and World Millions.

Customer Restrictions

Players from the US may not join.

Other products

Lottoland have recently expanded into the casino field with a range of slots and scratchcard games. They also run their own keno draw (above) called Ke Now, which allows players to pick numbers for a £1m draw every 4 minutes.

How it Works

How lottoland betting works

Ticket/bet types

They offer subscriptions, multidraw options and also a nice jackpot 'hunt' facility whereby players can bet on a specific jackpot until it is hit, at which time their regular bet placement stops being active. There's also a great bit of functionality which allows you to queue a bet until the jackpot hits a certain amount.


The syndicates they offer on some lottos aren't really 'syndicates' (well, we doubt they are, at least) but function in exactly the same way as a normal syndicate would. In effect, for your 'bet' you get multiple numbers of lines for a fraction of the payout returns. We didn't spend too long on the pricing of syndicate bets but it looks like it runs to a similar margin to normal bets.


Their double jackpot 'option' sounds interesting but actually pays out lower value to players. This option doubles (only) the jackpot, which makes the jackpots even bigger yes, but means that players are only getting the added value of the extra jackpot payout and none of the other prize levels for the extra cost. I'd pass on 'doubling up' and just bet two lines... After all, you have 2x the odds of hitting the jackpot with two lines and you'll not get 'that' much more fun out of €100m than €50m!


Similarly, the numbershield option they offer is an interesting variant that some players may like though its value is questionable at best. It basically works out that if you pay a bit more (50-70%), then you'll not share your jackpot with anyone else. The odds of sharing a jackpot vary quite considerably by lotto, as we have seen in our lotto reviews themselves. In some situations it could be a reasonable 'bet' but generally not. Maybe one to think about on big Powerball jackpots or the Australian lottos but otherwise, not the greatest value.


There are no minimum purchase restrictions at lottoland. Players can bet one or several lines.

Price, Tickets & Bonuses

Ticket prices, bonuses and margins for lottery agents or ticket couriers

Ticket or Bet Prices

Lottoland charge players for their bets a bit more than the normal price you would pay if buying a real lottery ticket. This is a bit surprising since there is plenty of margin built into the price of a lotto ticket or lotto bet already. Prices though are less than what you would pay on most lottery concierge or messenger services. Some sample prices:

1 line bet on megamillions for £3 (normal price $2)
1 line bet on Irish Lotto for £3 (normal price €2)

Commission, Margin & Value

The margin they make on lottery bets needs to cover the costs of insuring or hedging jackpots, administration, gaming taxes and marketing costs. If a €1 lotto has around 50c of margin in it for the operator (even after covering the cost of insuring the jackpot), then there should be plenty of margin to cover these costs. In this sense, charging more than the equivalent ticket cost seems a bit excessive, even if they do dress it up as an 'intermediary fee' between two of their own companies! The added cost on top of a normal line cost for the player varies a little by lotto (megamillions costs are particularly high...). But, in general, the 'added cost' of a line to players on Lottoland is around 120% of its normal value, i.e a line bet that would cost €1 if bought as a ticket locally would cost around €1.20 at Lottoland. Note that subscription bets are discounted nicely so you can get very close to the 'normal' cost (see below).


US jackpots whose headline amounts are based on an annuity payment are discounted for cash if won, as they would in the US too (though slightly less than the 40% Lottoland deduct). We were a little bit surprised though, that in Lottoland's Terms and Conditions the company 'retains 35% withholdings of the highest two prize categories [for the big US lotteries Powerball and Megamillions] because it is intended to put the player in the same position as if they had played the underlying lottery'. This seems a bit mean given that US taxes are not payable or paid out by Lottoland on these bets.

Bonuses on Sign up

As lottery suppliers go, the sign up bonuses of 5 free line bets are a little better than some but not much. As betting companies go (and Lottoland is one of these), the sign up bonuses aren't at all exciting. The 5 free line offer, for example, is similar to a bookmaker or casino's 'deposit and bet £10 to get £10 free' type of bonuses where most gaming companies offer more. That said, it is more difficult on a lotto site to 'play through' the matched bonus money several times, as specified by most casino, betting and gaming companies. In fact, Lottoland often require just the one 'play through' on their bonus money before it may be withdrawn - this is actually very good. Overall, sign up bonuses are nothing too exciting and would expect a bit more value...

Ongoing bonuses and promotions

Subscription discounts of 15% are fairly typical amongst lotto agents and lotto betting companies. Given that the price difference to normal value is only around 20% more on Lottoland, the subscription offer is actually very good. This makes betting on lottos around the world fairly comparable to playing it for real locally, assuming that is, that you're a subscription player and not just a jackpot hunter.

Product & Site

Lottery product and software features - lottoland

Product features

- Bets on 32 lottos including some interesting in-house lottos with new concepts (e.g. unique numbers)

- No obvious statement that winners are automatically notified when they win

- Syndicate type bets also available on some lottos

- Facilities to bet by chasing jackpots and to bet only when jackpot exceeds x

- Double jackpot and numbershield options too (see earlier)

Software and access methods

With their own software, a Gibraltar and a UK Gambling Commission licence (which is not that easy to obtain), this company looks solid. Bets actually accepted by sister company EU Lotto Ltd.

Site Design

Great site, and easy to find information and place bets. Quickpick, jackpot hunt and jackpot size facility excellent.


Trust criteria for lottery agents and ticket messenger services

Licence and locations

Their licence to operate is issued in the UK and they also have one in Gibraltar.

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Overall Lottorate Trustfactor





5.2/10 (28 reviews)

€90m, €22m, €14m, €4m, €3m jackpots paid out

Generally positive



Jackpot insurance with Lloyds of London


Yes - see below


Livechat and email but no phone no.


Payout confidence level

After a detailed lottoland review, we rate the company pretty highly on trust, not least because of its UK Gambling Commission licence, something which is not easy to qualify for. Financially, the company hedges or insures the lottery jackpots. As an example, let's say a £10m jackpot had odds of 50m to 1 and one betline was sold for £1, the 'value' of that jackpot to users on that bet is 20p (or a return of 20% of their stake). The insurance company would charge, say 25p to insure the ticket and would pay out on a winning bet line. With lottoland we tend to believe and trust in these insurance policies, even if they don't help themselves by describing them as 'complex hedging measures and instruments' in their Terms & Conditions. The reason for this is that hedging and insurance is something that the UK Gambling Commission would require proof of before granting their licence. Moreover, there are published articles relating to multimillion jackpot winners Lottoland, including a record €90m win, which gives plenty of confidence. We only wish that Lottoland would at least publish the names of all insurers and/or show the non commercial details of these 'instruments'.That way, players could have full confidence in the 'guaranteed' payout promotional copy.


Lottery agent payment methods

Payment methods

Just a handful of payment methods available at Lottoland (skrill, visa etc.) - would expect to see a few more.


Taxes are not payable on winnings made on Lottoland bets, which is great for lotto players. If you place a bet on the results of the superenalotto, for example, you wouldn't be liable to taxes in the same way as if you were buying a ticket locally in Italy. If you win a US lotto jackpot though, there may be something 'retained' as suggested earlier. Note that you may also be liable to tax on winnings in the country in which you are resident - best to take advice locally if you win big.

Other payment issues

Payments on jackpots will probably take a while to sort out through the insurance/hedging process but that's pretty normal.


Summary of pros and cons of lottery agents and lottorate verdict - lottoland review


Large, new player in the lottery world with some good credentials. Trustfactor is high, especially because of the quality/location of their gaming licences, insurance and hedging arrangements and evidence of multimillion payouts in the past. Taxes generally not applicable (with a couple of exceptions above). Good range of lottos offered, including their own and bet (line) prices are pretty good. Some nice jackpot alert/bet/hunt functionality and a smart site.


Would be nice to see a few more lottos down the line. Sign up bonuses could be better too. Auto- notification of winners doesn't seem to happen either. Would also value evidence of the insurance and hedging arrangements to give maximum level of confidence.


This is a great site for betting on lotteries around the world. Prices are reasonable, the site works well especially with jackpot hunting facilities and they have a good lottorate trust factor given the large insurance companies covering the risk of players hitting jackpot wins and a UK licence.  Would be nice to see some better bonusing and keener prices. Definitely one to play with.