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Overview of thelotter


Thelotter is perhaps the largest and best known lottery courier service (these are also known as lottery agents, ticket messenger or concierge services) and has been operating since 2002. Our thelotter review below covers all aspects of their business so that players can see how they operate.

Type of company

With a lottery agent, when you buy a line on one of their lottos, they buy a real ticket with the same numbers on your behalf. This is usually done physically in the country where the lotto is offered. They charge a commission on top of the ticket price for this service.

What lotteries they offer

They have one of the widest range of lotto products around, offering a total of 51 lotteries (well 45 or so, if you discount a few euromillions duplicates - but still lots..): Megamillions, Powerball, Superenalotto, Superenalotto Superstar, La Primitiva, Eurojackpot, Viking Lotto, Euromillions, New Zealand Powerball, Ozlotto,Superlotto Plus, El Gordo, New Jersey Pick 6 Xtra, New York Cash4life, Canada 649, Massachusetts Megabucks, New York Lotto, Australia Powerball, Romania Lotto 6/49, Ireland Lotto, Poland Lotto, South Africa Powerball, Australia Saturday Lotto, Brazil Mega Sena, UK Lotto, Finland Lotto, Italy Sivincetutto, France Loto, Florida Lotto, Switzerland Lotto, Ontario 49, Florida Lucky Money, Russia Gosloto 6/45, Australia Monday Lotto, Australia Wednesday Lotto, Greece Joker, UK Thunderball, Spain BonoLotto, Brazil Quina, Brazil Dupla Sena, Ukraine Megalot, Greece Lotto, Hungary Otoslotto, Ukraine Super Loto, South Africa Lotto, Austria Lotto, Columbia Baloto, Germany Lotto, Hungary Hatoslotto.

Customer Restrictions

Players from the US may not join.

Other products

Thelotter focusses exclusively on lottery ticket sales.

How it Works

How thelotter ticket service works in thelotter review

Ticket/bet types

A wide variety of lottery ticket syndicates and multi draw combinations are offered. Their 'bundles' are a combination of syndicate and personal ticket purchases. They also offer subscriptions too. Players are able to use quickpick and 'systematic' functionality on the site. Systematic is basically a combination purchase where you cover all possible combinations of a set of numbers.


Since they physically buy tickets on behalf of customers and the administration of this process is quite manual, they often put restrictions on the minimum numbers of tickets you need to buy, e.g. minimum 3 tickets. It is also the reason why they push both their ticket bundles and also their syndicates too. On syndicates, one ticket purchase for thelotter can be recorded against multiple customers.

Price, Tickets & Bonuses

Ticket prices, bonuses and margins for lottery agents or ticket couriers

Ticket Prices

Thelotter charge a commission on top of the cost of the ticket to cover the administration of buying the tickets for lotteries (you otherwise wouldn't have access to). Some sample prices:

10 lines on the UK euromillions for £53.30 (normal price £20)
10 lines on megamillions for £19 (normal price $10)

Commission, Margin & Value

The commission they charge for purchasing tickets on your behalf is all inclusive, i.e., they do not charge you any additional commission on your winnings. Tickets are expensive although, as lottery agents go, their commission rates are about average. The average mark up on the ticket examples above, for example, is about 150%, i.e. a $1.00 ticket locally would cost you approx $2.50 approx. Note that price and margin is before bonusing and discounts (i.e. the cost would be a little lower).

Bonuses on Sign up

The bonuses for signing up with thelotter aren't amazing. They offer a free line or two: value <$5.

Ongoing bonuses and promotions

Thelotter have regular offers for existing (and new) customers especially for subscription purchases (around 10-15%) and discounts on bundles of tickets (around 10% too). They also do special promotions with discounted tickets for certain lottos. They also have a refer a friend program with (albeit a small) $10 bonus for recommending new players. Their VIP club offers further discounts of up to 20%.

Product & Site

Lottery product and software features

Product features

  • Tickets offered for 51 lotteries.
  • Auto-notification of winners, full results pages and jackpot alert emails.
  • Personal entry for one ticket (choose own numbers) when purchasing a larger bundle of syndicate tickets.
  • Ability to subscribe to 'The Big', which means that you enter tickets twice a week for the two biggest jackpots in the world that week!
  • And the ability to subscribe to 'the Smart' which means that you enter tickets twice a week for the two lotteries that week offering the best cost-benefit ratio. This is similar to RTP as explained in our lottery pages.
  • Optional donation structure from winnings.

Software and access methods

This company is in the lottery business for the long term. They have invested in their own software, have several local 'agent' offices and have also built their own apps.

Site Design

Nice looking, well constructed site... Quickpick and multidraw work well. Also like the 'save my lucky numbers' option.


Trust criteria for lottery agents and ticket messenger services

Licence and locations

Their licence to operate is issued in Belize in Central America.

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Ticket scans/Jackpot Insurance

Auto-notify winners

Other evidence of paying out

KYC & Responsible Gaming

Customer Support

Overall Lottorate Trustfactor





5.9/10 (24 reviews)

$50m paid out to 2m players (unverified)

Generally positive



Tickets are scanned to my account

Winners notified automatically

Yes - see NBC link below

Gamblers Anon, Gamcare

Toll-free lines, livechat & email


Payout confidence level

This is one of few lottery 'agents' or concierge services that we rate above average. Despite the Belize licence which has limited credibility, this company appears to be legitimate. This is a function of their size, history and also recent evidence of a jackpot winner, who successfully claimed a jackpot prize in the US bought through thelotter. Two other thelotter $1m winners are also publicized on their site.


Lottery agent payment methods

Payment methods

25 deposit methods and 8 withdrawal methods are offered.


Taxes are payable on lotto winnings where local taxes are applicable. If you win a US lotto jackpot for example, you are likely to have around 30% tax deducted at source. In this context, I'm not quite sure why in the case of Euromillions, thelotter purchase their tickets in Spain (where prizes > €2,500 are subject to local 20% tax) rather than in most other European countries where there are no taxes applicable. Similarly, it is odd too that thelotter choose to have local agents in three states in the US including New York, where local taxes are some of the highest! Note that you may also be liable to tax on winnings in the country in which you are resident - best to take advice locally if you win a large prize.

Other payment issues

For payments up to $2,500 winnings are transferred directly from thelotter into the winner's account. For jackpot and some second tier prizes customers may need to travel to the country where the lotto ticket was purchased to receive their winnings. In some cases this will also require local tax forms to be filled in.


Summary of pros and cons of lottery agents and lottorate verdict


Large, well established lottery agent. Very wide range of lottos offered. Good trustfactor for a ticket courier service, especially when you read news of their jackpot winners who successfully claimed their multimillion dollar/euro prizes abroad. Tickets scanned and shown in your account. 'Big' and 'smart' subscription options are good, auto-notification too (you'd think this last one were obvious but you'd be surprised...).


Minimum ticket numbers a bit limiting and bonusing not too generous. Markups on ticket prices are a bit pricey too, especially when compared to lotto betting companies - but understandable given the manual overheads. Ticket purchases in high tax jurisdictions where other options exist is a bit odd. Legalities of buying tickets via agents is covered on their site and, to a large extent, tried and tested through recent jackpot winners. Belize licence not as strong as a European one but trustfactor still good.


This is one of few lottery agents or concierge companies that make it into my top 10 sites of where to play the lottery. Would be good to have an independent legal opinion on their site and maybe also the names of big legal companies that verify the procedure by which 'tickets are locked in a safe'. But otherwise, they do look trustworthy. Prices a bit high and you lose a lot of RTP when commissions are added but they do offer a tremendous choice of real lottery tickets.